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Love Where You Live

February 26th, 2024

It just so happens that 2024 is a Leap Year. That means you get an extra day (and night) to play. It’s easy to get caught in the hustle of everyday life and not take time to enjoy all the great places close by. There are so many new places coming right here to Goose Creek — the soon-to-be bustling Neighborhood Tap House with its rooftop bar opening in Uptown early this summer, your favorite brews at Starbucks, delicious brunches at First Watch and mouth-watering treats from Freddy’s — it may be tough to keep up with everything. While you are getting ready for these new favorites, we’ve put together this guide to help you and your loved ones plan a special night out now and embrace the local beauty, history, and culinary delights.

Mix, Mingle, & Meander: A Night Out in Summerville

If you’re in the mood for the bustle of nightlife in a big city, Charleston is about a 20 minute drive from Goose Creek. But if you’re looking for a more leisurely evening out, head west for about 11 miles to enjoy the charming, down-to-earth-vibe of Summerville, the “Flower Town in the Pines”. Summerville earned its motto due to the millions of blossoms, mostly azaleas, that bloom in both public and private gardens. Enjoy a little local exploration and then come home to Carnes Crossroads.

Sweet: It’s a Way of Life

Summerville is known as The Birthplace of Sweet Tea. But they do a lot more than drink it there. They get creative with it. Take a stroll downtown for dinner and you’ll find seasonal specialties at The Icehouse like winter salad with sweet tea vinaigrette, and classic dishes with a twist like sweet tea chicken biscuits at Toast! All Day and brisket accented with sweet tea. 

Keep the theme going and end the evening with a sip of sweet tea bourbon and share a piece of sweet tea pecan pie from Baker’s BBQ. Then try saying “sweet tea” five times fast.

Since the average temperature this time of year is in the mid-60s, you can find plenty of outdoor and pet-friendly dining spots perfect for people-watching and making new friends. The appeal of the small-town atmosphere with friendly locals and artisans here is undeniable.

The Community with A Lot of Heart

At Carnes Crossroads, you can always turn your night out into a special night in. More than a thoughtfully-planned community, Carnes Crossroads is home to a soon-to-be thriving Agrihood with community gardens and an 11-acre farm with organically grown produce for your family. It is blossoming into a fun, healthy, social environment where you can pick your own produce and maybe use it to try a new sweet tea recipe.

Too tired to cook? Every Friday at Carnes Crossroads hosts Food Truck Friday. Grab some grub, stroll over to one of our casual outdoor movie nights, and enjoy dinner and a movie under the stars. It’s a great way to enjoy the community and mingle with your neighbors.

You’re Welcome!

If you’re searching for a sense of place in an inspirational, earth-friendly community with a balance of activity and small-town charm, explore homes crafted for comfort and style – where new memories are made and old traditions celebrated. Welcome to Lowcountry living and thriving. Welcome to the Agrihood.