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Why Buy In A Master Planned Community

December 23rd, 2020

Did you know that there is a distinct difference between a subdivision and a master planned community like Carnes Crossroads? If you’re shopping for a new home, it’s important that you take into consideration not just the house you are buying, but also the type of neighborhood or community in which it’s located, the lifestyle and amenities it offers, and the goals and experience of the developers. In short, many new home communities are subdivisions, consisting of neighborhoods with single-family homes. In contrast, Carnes Crossroads and other MPCs have a master plan guiding development to ensure careful integration of homes, businesses, parks, schools and other amenities throughout the community.

MPCs offer a comprehensive plan.

MPCs benefit from comprehensive planning that thoughtfully integrates residential neighborhoods, businesses, recreation and schools in a logical and convenient manner. These communities are often focused on walkability, but planning also takes into consideration the reliance of most people on the automobile, with neighborhoods and streets designed to carefully manage traffic between areas of the community. Architectural guidelines and protective covenants ensure a singular vision for the entire community as development progresses.

MPCs gain and retain value better than subdivisions.

Historically, properties in MPCs are more resilient during market fluctuations and maintain value better over the long run than unplanned neighborhoods. In a recent study, many MPCs credited increasing sales trends in 2012 and 2013 to their reputation as the best place to invest as buyers began to enter the market following the housing downturn.

MPCs are more like a town than a subdivision.

Often known for offering the best locations and schools, MPCs typically incorporate more than just residential housing, offering a combination of businesses, conveniences and municipal services. They are often regarded as special places within their market, clearly differentiated from standard subdivisions in their attention to detail, higher-quality built environment and overall lifestyle offering.

MPCs offer high quality amenities for healthy lifestyles.

MPCs are focused on quality and design throughout the community, and this attention usually extends to the community’s recreational amenities. Landscaped parks, ponds, lakes and trails, plus swimming pools and other recreational offerings contribute to healthy lifestyles and a better quality of life for residents. Additionally, the mix of businesses, schools, shops and restaurants typically found in an MPC adds to the overall offering of amenities and conveniences in these communities.

MPCs offer a greater variety of residential options.

MPCs typically offer homes from more than one builder or developer, providing varying lifestyle and lifestage options ranging from single-family homes to townhomes, apartments and condominiums.

MPCs offer a sense of community.

By nature, the parks, trails, shops, restaurants and other amenities in a MPC provide opportunities for neighbors to interact and get to know one another, creating an inherent sense of community. And in many MPCs, the property owners association coordinates events, classes and other social activities that help foster strong community connections among residents.

The property owners association is a valuable asset in a MPC.

The property owners association in an MPC is typically responsible for enforcing the community’s covenants and regulations as well as maintaining common areas and amenities, ultimately protecting property values.