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Carnes Crossroads Neighbors Spearhead New Community Events & Initiatives

March 21st, 2017

Our neighborhoods are growing, and so are the options for getting involved in our active community. Thanks to some enthusiastic and engaged residents, new groups, events and activities are providing all kinds of ways to meet and mingle with neighbors and to contribute to the growth of our community. Here are just a few of the initiatives that are being led by residents for residents at Carnes Crossroads:

Carnes Crossroads Neighborhood Association

The newly-formed, resident-led Carnes Crossroads Neighborhood Association has been established to help organize and oversee the growing number of community initiatives here. While the Carnes Crossroads Property Owners’ Association does an outstanding job maintaining amenities like the Green Barn, pool, parks and trails — as well as scheduling a growing number of resident classes and special events — the new Neighborhood Association is expanding the opportunities for neighbors to meet, mingle and get involved.

First Friday Events

The resident-led First Friday Committee is responsible for organizing the popular monthly First Friday mixers for Carnes Crossroads families at the Green Barn. The events provide an opportunity to meet and socialize with neighbors in a casual, festive, family-friendly setting at the Green Barn.


The Tree Committee

The Tree Committee is comprised of resident volunteers who have been trained by a professional arborist to help maintain and look after the street trees that line our neighborhood streets. Planted by the developer as each street is completed, care of our community’s street trees are the responsibility of individual property owners, but collectively their long-term growth and ongoing health benefits all of us. This committee helps ensure that our street trees are cared for properly and will continue to enhance our neighborhoods as they mature.

The Carnes Crossroads Artists Cooperative

This newly-formed group of resident artists is working together to present handmade artworks from neighbors at Carnes Crossroads at the Farmer’s Market this summer. Residents who create handmade artwork in any medium are invited to become members of the group.  


Special Lectures & Presentations

Our residents have a lot of interests and knowledge to share! Recent seminars and presentations for residents at the Green Barn have included wine tasting events and horticulture classes, all led by Carnes Crossroads neighbors. More events are on the way.


The Carnes Crossroads Business Association

Founded by a resident, the mission of this group is to facilitate networking opportunities and exposure for professionals and business owners who work or live in Carnes Crossroads. The group also works to raise visibility and awareness of the growing number of businesses and services located in the community. Meetings are held monthly and serve as a forum for the sharing of ideas and information.

We have a feeling this is just the beginning. It’s great to see our residents taking part in making Carnes Crossroads a beautiful, friendly and engaging place to live!