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Green Barn Honored with Architectural Award

May 5th, 2016

Residents and visitors enjoy the open air Green Barn for all sorts of activities and events. But many may not know that this historic structure was carefully relocated to its current site and painstakingly renovated before it could serve as an amenity for our community. Now the South Carolina Chapter of the American Institute of Architects has honored these efforts by presenting the project’s architects with an Adaptive Reuse Citation Award. The Barn was one of 23 projects receiving recognition at the professional association’s 2016 awards program, held in Columbia in April.

Built in 1929, the Green Barn originally supported a nearby horse-racing track. Charleston architectural firm Stubbs Muldrow Herin Architects, Inc. completed the renovation of the Green Barn in 2013 after it was moved to its current location from another more remote location on the Carnes Crossroads property. Taking care to maintain as much of the original structure and character as possible while making it safe and functional for residents of the community, the architects helped write a new chapter for this special landmark.

Today the Barn continues to celebrate the site’s history and rural tradition while serving as a gathering space for residents and a venue for a variety of events including farmers’ markets, concerts, fitness classes and weddings.

We’re proud of the award-winning amenity that is the centerpiece of our community’s first neighborhood. Many thanks to those who helped bring the Green Barn back to life!