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School, Church And Home A Convenient Mix for New Carnes Crossroads Family

September 14th, 2015

“When our pastor said our church was going to be out here, and eventually our schools were going to be out here, it was just like I knew. I knew we were going to be here,” says Amanda Ellison, a new resident who moved to Carnes Crossroads with her husband, Robbie, and their two children to be closer to the amenities at the new Northwood campus at Carnes Crossroads.

The Ellisons have been attending Northwood Church for more than 12 years, and their children, now 12 and 17, have attended Northwood Academy since pre-school. A church fire several years ago led Northwood Assembly’s plans to build a new church on a 40-acre campus at Carnes Crossroads donated by the Daniel Island Company. The long-range plan was to eventually move the Academy’s pre-school, lower school and upper school to the campus as well.

With the new church complete, and plans for construction to begin on the new school, the Ellisons knew the time was right to make a move.

“The location is great because in addition to our kids attending school there, Amanda works at Northwood Academy — that’s going to be real convenient as soon as the school is done next fall,” says Robbie, whose own commute into Charleston for work is just 25 minutes, straight down the interstate.

Now under construction, the upper school (grades 6-12) for Northwood Academy will open for classes in August of 2016, with the preschool and lower school (K-grade 5) following in August 2017.

“The plans are wonderful,” says Amanda, who has worked as an administrative assistant at the school for ten years. “It’s beautiful – a gym, a lower school, an upper school, two cafeterias, two libraries – it’s going to be great.”

When they set out to choose their Carnes Crossroads home, an open floor plan was at the top of their list.

“We were gravitating towards something that was a little larger that would accommodate having people over. We knew that since we were going to be close to our school and church, that our house would be visited quite frequently.”

The Ellisons ultimately chose a home from Ashton Woods, and since settling in have had no problem meeting neighbors on the street, at the pool and at events at the Green Barn. And they know that as the community grows, life will just keep getting better and more convenient at Carnes Crossroads.

“Our best friends are moving here. More of our friends and the things that we surround ourselves with are going to be here. So we’re excited… We say this is probably going to be our last house,” says Amanda with a smile. “We would recommend Carnes Crossroads to anybody looking for a church, looking for a school, looking for a home, a community.”

Watch the short video above to meet the Ellisons and learn more about their decision to make Carnes Crossroads their home.