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Meet Murray: The Second Quarter “Top Dog” at Carnes Crossroads

July 10th, 2017

We are happy to announce the second quarter winner of our 2017 Dogs of Carnes Crossroads photo contest. After collecting submissions of dogs doing what they love best around our community during the spring months we posted the finalists on our Facebook page for voting. Six-year-old Lab/Weimaraner Murray got the most likes and is officially the second quarter “top dog” at Carnes Crossroads!

It’s clear Murray loves his community, so we caught up with his owner (and Carnes Crossroads resident) Jeanette to learn more about our new “top dog”!

How did Murray come to join your family?

We went to an adoption event looking to save one of the dogs from the floods in Tennessee about seven years ago. None of the flood dogs were right for us, but Murray was there with a big green bow around his neck. He had been found here in Berkeley County running free with another dog. He was five months old and already weighed 45 pounds! He met our other dog, Brinkley, and they got along, so despite us being in the mindset of getting an older dog and not necessarily a “puppy,” we took him home.

Murray was an angel for the first week, but we found out he had a respiratory illness and had to put him on medications to combat it. He recovered by the next week, and thus began the reign of Murray. If you’ve ever read the book Marley and Me you may have an understanding of the challenges Murray poses. We love this dog, even when he eats a New York Strip from the counter. In fact, at this point, I’d be kind of sad if he wasn’t into something mischievous every day. We love him 100% for who he is.

When did Murray come to be a dog of Carnes Crossroads?

Murray joined the Carnes Crossroads community in March 2016.

What are some of Murray’s favorite ways to spend time at Carnes Crossroads?

He loves to lay on our second story porch. I like to joke that he’s waiting for the next thing to bark at because really that’s what he wants to do. He’ll wait for an hour or more for somebody or something that he can bark “hello” at and he’s extremely loud. Sorry neighbors! He also loves to go for walks and runs.

What do you like about having a dog at Carnes Crossroads?

I like the trails we can walk on.

What is Murray’s favorite treat, toy or game?

Murray has perfected the art of the steal and it’s his best game. He first checks the kitchen counters by walking the perimeter to sniff out something of interest. He then goes and lays down until we leave the room, then he makes a dash to get the identified object, takes it into the guest room downstairs and devours it. The resulting treats are his favorite things. Needless to say, we’ve learned to have the counter clean most of the time. He also likes to chew on our daughters’ crayons and colored pencils.

Tell us more about your photo submission.

Murray LOVES to go running with me. He’s not really good at it. He’s kind of slow and somewhat out of shape, but I can’t put on my running shoes without him following me around and staring at me until I can’t take it anymore and break out the leash. I took the picture during our run over by the new green space on Ashby Street. It took me about 50 tries, but at this particular moment he caught a glimpse of last quarter’s winner, Yuki, being walked by his owners and perked up.

What’s the best tip you can give to others when submitting their photos for the Dogs of Carnes Crossroads Photo Contest?

Have your camera on rapid fire “action” mode.

How will Murray celebrate being selected this season’s Dog of Carnes Crossroads?

I’m sure he’ll find something on the counter and have his own little party. Because of Murray’s countless antics, he has acquired his own Facebook page that documents his day-to-day activities. Check him out here.

Congratulations to Murray!

Do you have a dog who enjoys living and playing at Carnes Crossroads? We want to see your best friend’s best shot! Entries are now being accepted for the third quarter Dogs of Carnes Crossroads photo contest. Click here for entry details and submit your photos to