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The Future’s Bustling at The Barn

November 16th, 2023

The new Barn at Carnes Crossroads promises to be a vibrant hub for community engagement, and its versatility will be a testament to The Barn’s importance. With a spacious interior and charming rustic design, it is set to be the centerpiece of our Agrihood. Construction on The Barn has started — keep reading to see how it will thrive!

A Sneak Peek Inside The Barn

Step inside The Barn at Carnes Crossroads, where plans for rustic charm and farm-inspired aesthetics will create an inviting interior. Adorned with antique art, the space will resonate with the warmth of a bygone era, reminiscent of a charming general store with rustic finishes that will complete the farm-inspired aesthetic — seamlessly blending functionality with style. In the general store, you can find locally crafted goods all year, from locally sourced honey and candles to local cheeses. We are excited to see these plans come to life. 

Farm Fresh Fun

 Located beside our future farm amenity, The Barn will serve as an ideal venue for bringing fresh produce and local artisanal products to our community. What will make the site great is its role in fostering a deeper connection between residents and local vendors – where farm-fresh vegetables, handmade crafts, and delectable treats converge. Children and aspiring farmers alike will have the unique opportunity to glean knowledge from our farmers at the farm amenity, gaining insights into the art and science of growing fresh produce.

The opportunity to participate directly in the growing process will impart valuable agricultural skills onto residents of all ages, and will help children foster a connection to the land, teaching them the importance of cultivating and nurturing the earth for a bountiful harvest.

Barn Life is a Good Life

The general store, the farmshare and the rustic charm of The Barn will reinforce the lifestyle of organic, authentic and natural luxury at the core of farm-to-table living in the Agrihood. This place will be where neighbors will meet, share stories, and support local businesses. The Barn will echo with laughter and conversation, creating a vibrant atmosphere that enriches our sense of community.

What makes the Agrihood truly special is the sense of togetherness it fosters within the community. This unique community already harmoniously combines the traditional charm of South Carolina living with the modern advantages of an exceptional location — offering residents access to outstanding schools, restaurants, shops, healthcare, and robust community amenities.

When The Barn opens, it will embody that community spirit and embrace the heart of what defines the farm-to-table lifestyle. We look forward to seeing you at The Barn. Check out our new homes and join us.