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Brand New Ways to Get Fit at Carnes Crossroads

May 29th, 2018

Carnes Crossroads is a healthy community by design, and the options for ways to get fit here are always evolving. The latest addition: A brand-new fitness trail loop equipped with workout stations has been added to our ever-expanding network of community trails.

Five exercise stations have been installed along a trail loop located in the St. James Park neighborhood. Collectively, the stations include 14 pieces of equipment that can be used for 40 different low- and high-impact exercises – there’s something for everyone! With hurdles, pull-up bars, a dip station, monkey bars and more, the new fitness trail loop presents endless ways to enhance and customize your workout routine. Signs with instructions are posted at each station to make it easy to learn all the ways you can use the new equipment. 

For those looking for further guidance and motivation, fitness instructor and Carnes Crossroads resident Ryoko Abbott is using the exercise stations in some of the classes that are part of her new Carnes Crossroads Wellness Club. The Club offers an evolving selection of fun and diverse fitness classes that participants can take part in on an unlimited basis during six-week sessions. The cost per session is just $25! 

Ryoko has been teaching the popular Aqua Zumba and Zumba classes at the pool and Green Barn for the past several years, and her Fitness Club offerings will feature these classes and more. It’s a way to add constant variety to your workout routine, and to get out in the community with friends and neighbors and encourage one another in your fitness pursuits. Click here for more information about the diverse array of classes currently offered as part of the Wellness Club.