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The Fullers Find Their ‘Happy Place’ At Carnes Crossroads

September 1st, 2016

The dictionary defines “vacation” as a period of time set aside for rest and relaxation. For Miranda and Chris Fuller, it is quite simply a way of life in their new Carnes Crossroads community.

“It feels like a vacation to be quite honest,” said Chris. “We say that all the time and it’s the truth!”

The Fullers, formerly of nearby Mount Pleasant, moved to Carnes Crossroads in March of 2015.

“We were ready for a change,” said Miranda. “We actually looked at Daniel Island and then we heard about Carnes Crossroads, which is being developed by the same team on Daniel Island…The Daniel Island Company has an outstanding track record. Once we did the research on it, we knew this was where we wanted to be.”

Carnes Crossroads, and the surrounding Summerville area, was attractive for other reasons as well.

“We felt it was going to be geared more towards diversity and culture,” added Miranda. “And really it was something we felt was going to be a great investment.”

“We were also looking more for relationships than anything else,” continued Chris. “It wasn’t just the property. It was the people that were over here. That was a big part of it.”

In fact, the Fullers say bonding with their new neighbors has been the best part of their Carnes Crossroads experience thus far.

“We’ve actually moved seven times in the last eight years with my job,” said Chris. “And this is the first neighborhood where we’ve actually met the neighbors and have gone in their homes, and they’ve come in our homes. We lived in a neighborhood for three years before and didn’t know the neighbors’ names! They seem to be so much more welcoming here.”

“It’s really nice,” added Miranda. “Especially now in a world where people rarely look up from their phones. It just makes you feel more connected. It’s nice pulling in and knowing there will be smiling, friendly faces around me. I have a neighbor who brings me cookies!”

“There’s actually a joy to it,” added Chris. “It’s something to look forward to!”


The couple has been living at Carnes Crossroads for more than a year, and note that things look much different today than when they first pulled into the neighborhood.

“It was a vision at that moment,” said Chris, a regional manager for a national company. “I think we were the 24th house! There were no trees and they told us what was going where…This made the most sense for what we were looking for – floor plan-wise and community-wise.”

“We’ve had the unique vantage point of watching this vision come to life,” added Miranda. “And it’s been fantastic! We’re big into aesthetics and scenery, and it’s just beautiful. We go on several walks a day with our dog, Tucker, and we just really enjoy being out in nature. That’s been a huge draw for us.”

Other draws include the community pool, activities at The Green Barn – like the Farmer’s Market and yoga classes, as well as highway accessibility, and the neighborhood’s nearby business and service offerings.

“Some perks for us were knowing that a Roper St. Francis hospital was going to be built less than two miles down the road,” said Miranda, who is enrolled in the nursing program at Trident Technical College. “The community offers a lot of conveniences with a doctor, dentist, pediatrician, all within walking distance.”

They’ve also enjoyed plugging in to the Summerville area restaurant scene. Their favorites include Five Loaves Cafe, Graze, and Oscar’s.

“They’re all within a mile of each other!” added Chris.

But at the end of the day, it’s coming home to Carnes Crossroads that Chris and Miranda really enjoy.

“It’s definitely my happy place!,” said Miranda.